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What is a Park Home?

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What is a Park Home?

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park home

noun: park home;
plural noun: park homes                                          
a prefabricated building occupied as a permanent home, located with others in a dedicated area of ground.
Park home is often referred to as a Mobile Home, Prefabricated Home, Modular Home, Transportable House, Small Cabin, or Portable mobile home.

A growing band of Australians are ditching the idea of a big home and mortgage for something smaller and more affordable often known as a Park Home, Small Cabin or a Prefabricated Home. This trend is also referred to as the "tiny home".

It is a global movement that took prominence after 2005's Hurricane Katrina in the USA when so many people lost their homes. Now it is making inroads in Australia.

Home owners simply can't afford the big spaces they are used to. The Australian dream of a big home and backyard is becoming less and less affordable.

So what is a Park Home or Prefabricated Home anyway?
Prefabricated homes are given their name because they are built in a factory in sections and then transported to site on one or more trucks. This contrasts to traditional construction where the house is built 'on site'.

Prefabricated homes are ideal for regional areas and rural farms where there may be a lack of builders and materials. In recent years the industry has grown rapidly as new technology from overseas has reduced costs and increased design flexibility.

Because of the way Prefabricated homes are built they cost less and get built faster, so you don't need to pay a mortgage and rent for too long while waiting for your home to get built!

Many people choose a Prefabricated home over normal construction because of the advantages you gain from building a factory built home.
1. Cheaper to build.
2. Faster to build, often in as few as 6 - 10 weeks.
3. Perfect for rural locations that may have few available tradespeople, builders, and materials.
4. Construction is not affected by bad weather.

If you are just starting out on home ownership, retiring, or wanting to downsize your living arrangement, a Park home may just be the answer.

Park homes are affordable, with a low initial cost and upkeep. This means that you have to spend less time, effort and money paying for and keeping up your home. Spend your money on your hobbies or travel instead!

You may not associate the word "luxury" with a Park home, but the demand for more upscale housing has turned the entire Prefabricated home industry around. Today's modern homes look like luxurious houses instead of boxes on the outside. On the inside, plush carpeting, hardwood floors, modern fixtures and spacious designs make these homes very comfortable homes.

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